As Manager of the Print Center & Outbound Mail Services department at the American Kennel Club, I can personal attest to the reliability & commitment The Alternative offers. Having done business with The Alternative for over 21 years, the AKC has benefited from their sincere interest in the efficient and effective operations of our organization. Nancy and her team make it a top priority to assess all your needs and stop by periodically to see that equipment is operating correctly. Now that’s customer service!

John Andrus

Manager, American Kennel Club

We have been loyal and grateful customers of Alternative Mail for over 16 years.  I can truly say we would not be here today if it were not for their service and expertise.  If we have a problem or any equipment need we can count on them without fail.

Brad Rudolph

Owner, Custom Mail Solutions

As a manager of an operation that resides on a university campus, it is very helpful and important that our business partners have a broad-based knowledge of computer systems and language used by our IT departments. Having a partner who has an intimate understanding of mail and its issues in a corporate space, along with being versed or willing to investigate the many different communication formats used, can only lead to the success of the project or venture. This is what I have found to be true with The Alternative Mailing and Shipping Solutions.

Lea Holt

Mail Services Manager, UNC-Chapel Hill

I have been a client of The Alternative for over 20 years.  Their equipment and service have always been top notch.  When I need them, they respond quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them.

Steve Rosenberg

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