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Our Clients


Without buttering them up too much, our clients are awesome.  They're why we get up in the morning and why we love our jobs so much.  We strive to create and maintain relationships that will last, long after the paperwork is finished (of course, in this industry, the paperwork is never finished).

Our clients are top businesses and professionals that work in a variety of industries, including...

  • Banking/Finance

  • Business Services (direct mailing, pre & post sort mailhouses, & shipping & fulfillment centers)

  • Commercial Services

  • Education (public & private schools, colleges, & universities)

  • Government (federal, state, & local) & Public Offices

  • Insurance

  • Law

  • Media Marketing & Advertising

  • Medical & Healthcare

  • Non-Profits (charities, sacred, & community organizations)

  • Real Estate

  • Small Businesses

  • Start-Ups

  • Tech

  • Web-Based

 Some of the names below have been friends of The Alternative since the very beginning.  Simply put: if you're looking for MORE great businesses to work with, look no further than this list.

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