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A little about us and our process...


The key to more efficient mailing and shipping is a well-planned system — a system designed with fast, reliable, and easy-to-use equipment. Mailing and shipping systems from The Alternative can help solve your mailing and shipping problems. Whether you need one machine or a complete interactive system, we can help. Our space-saving, tabletop equipment can save you time and money in every phase of your operation.



We begin with complete analysis of your mailing and shipping operations. As simple as postage machine or as complex as redesigning your mail and package flow -- we get it and love helping you find ways to maximize your time and profits.



We don't just service machines -- we service entire accounts. We make sure your mail gets out on time. Call us with a problem, we help you solve it. Whether it’s back-up equipment or training, we’ll provide you with whatever it takes to keep you on schedule.



Once your new system is in place, we provide an all-inclusive package of consultation, personal training, and support. If you need us, we're there. If we can brag about anything, it's the way we take care of our customers. Need proof? Just ask these guys.

The equipment we use...

During our 3-stage process, we pick and use the products we think will provide your business with the best and quickest results based on your individual needs. To do this, we maintain excellent relationships with an expert line-up of manufacturers to ensure the most up-to-date technology is available to you.  Our products will allow you to...


  • Generate a complete audit trail for all mail and packages

  • Design your mail room to increase productivity

  • Fold and insert more quickly

  • Tape, tie and strap to give your packages maximum protection

  • Manage mailing lists

  • Open and deliver incoming mail more efficiently

  • Guarantee accurate postage costs

  • Find solutions to all of your mailing and shipping bottlenecks-solutions tailored to fit your individual needs

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