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How does this "mail" stuff work again?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • PO Lockout/PSD Lockout/90-Day Security Warning
    To Avoid a PSD Locked message, perform this process at the beginning or end of the month. 1. When the message first appears, Hit "OK" and then proceed to step #1. 2. Press the "MENU" button. 3. Select, "My Funds". 4. Select, "Postal Inspection" or "Audit". 5. Press the "OK" button to confirm. 6. The mailing system will contact the server to perform the inspection. (The mailing machine will indicate when the call is complete.) 7. Press the "Home" button to return to the home screen. **Shortcut: Bypass step #1 & #2 is to simply click the Coins button** For additional help, check out this video tutorial:
  • Adding Funds
    In order to print postage, funds need to be purchased and loaded onto the mailing machine using the funds server. • Only the pre-paid amount can be loaded onto the mailing machine. • If it is credit account, a bill for all funds loaded on the mailing machine will be sent. As supervisor, you can set the mailing system to ask for a PIN code for adding funds. Prerequisites • The mailing machine has to be plugged into the modem/phone to perform this process • The loaded funds are added to the Funds Available (Descending Register). • The mailing machine may prompt for a PIN code depending on user settings. Enter the PIN code using the numeric keypad and press "OK". • Funds must be available in your Customer Account on the server for download. Buttons Used Instructions: 1. Press the "Funds" button. 2. Select the option “Add Funds”. 3. Press the "C" button to clear any zeroes. 4. Enter postage amount using numeric keypad. 5. Press the "OK" button. The screen will display the various steps of the PSD Resetting process. - Do Not Interrupt The Process - When process is complete "Transaction Successful" will be displayed. 6. Press the "OK" button. 7. Press the "Home" button. When process is complete the new account balance will be displayed.
  • Postage Refunds
    To apply for a postage refund: Click on the Shipment History tab, locate the Refund column, select the specific transaction you want a refund for, click “Get refund”. A refund can be initiated when a shipping label was created and printed in error. If you receive a refund for a label and the label enters the mailstream those funds will be deducted from your NeoFunds®/TotalFunds® account. As soon as you apply for a postage refund, your NeoFunds®/TotalFunds® account will be credited for 90% of the postage value. You cannot receive funds in any other format. Once a label has been printed, you have 1 business day to request a refund. Note: it is 1 business day from the mailing date printed on the shipping label. The USPS® researches each refund request. If the refund is considered false or fraudulent, it will be rejected. The refund amount will be reversed within the NeoFunds®/TotalFunds® account. This process can take up to 45 days. You will find one of these symbols in the refund column: • A “green arrow” depicts a conditional refund and this icon is displayed upon the initial refund request • A “red X” depicts a rejected refund request • A “green check-mark” depicts a successful refund
  • Zero WP on IM models
    1. Press [MENU]. 2. Select Job Settings. 3. Press [OK]. 4. Select Zero Weigh Platform. 5. Press [OK]. 6. Remove all items from the scale. 7. Press [OK]. 8. Unit displays "Weigh Platform Zero Successful". 9. Press [OK]. 10. Press the [Home] button.
  • Cleaning ink cartridges automatically
    The IM330, IM350, IS-330 and IS350 mailing machines' ink cartridge use inkjet technology and require the print heads be cleaned regularly. The system performs the cleaning automatically using the Supervisor mode. The Ink Cartridge should be cleaned if: - Streaking - Light Print - Blurred Print Basic Step For Cleaning The Print Head Automatically • Log into the supervisor menu. • Select Maintenance. • Select "Ink Cartridge". • Select "Cleaning Process". • The screen displays "Cartridge cleaning process in progress". • The screen displays "Cartridge cleaning process complete". • Press [OK]. • Press the Sleep/Wake Button twice to exit Supervisor Mode. Detailed Steps To Clean The Print Head Automatically Step 1: Press [MENU]. Step 2: Select Supervisor. Press [OK]. Step 3: Enter PIN Code. Press [OK]. Step 4: Select Maintenance. Press [OK]. Step 5: Select Ink Cartridge. Press [OK]. Step 6: Select Cleaning Process. Press [OK]. Step 7: The screen displays "Cartridge cleaning process in progress". Then, the screen displays "Cartridge cleaning process complete". Press [OK]. Step 8: Press the Sleep/Wake Button twice to exit Supervisor Mode.
  • Update Registration
    Update Registration is performed when the IM330 - IM350 is moved to a new zip code location. In order for rates such as First Class Priority to be calculated correctly, your mailing system must have the correct Zip Code for your local Post Office programmed into it. If you're mailing system has been moved from one Zip Code to another, you must take the following actions to update the system's Zip Code information. • If you have moved to a new address, you must first go online and submit the Change Of Address Form, Hasler Customer Change Of Address Form. After waiting 24 hours, you must perform an Update Registration on your mailing system in order for the new Zip Code to take effect. For instructions on performing an Update Registration, click on the appropriate link below. • If you haven't moved but the Zip Code information in your mailing system needs to be changed, you must first contact Customer Care and request that the customer information be updated with the current Zip Code, Contact Us. you must then perform an Update Registration on your mailing system in order for the new Zip Code to take effect. For instructions on performing an Update Registration, click on the appropriate link below. The following conditions must be met before performing the Update: Registration process: • Go to the Hasler web site and fill out the change of address form. • If you do not have internet access contact Customer Care at 1-800-446-6027 to obtain the Hasler Customer Set-Up Maintenance Form, fill out the form and fax it to 1-800-572-1940. After forms are filled out and faxed to Hasler: • You will receive an e-mail within 24-hours indicating the address has been changed at the server. If you do not have e-mail access, wait 24-hours before performing the Update Registration process. • Perform the Update Registration process.
  • Sealing: How it works
    A Sealing Moistener: • Is used to moisten the glue on the envelope and seal the flap closed. • Consists of the brush assembly, sponge assembly, and water reservoir all of which are used to moisten the glue on the envelope flaps. • Uses an envelope flap separation blade to open the envelope flap slightly. How Does A Sealing Moistener Work • Water is held in a water reservior. • Water is soaked up by the sponge. • The brush rests on the sponge and water is drawn up into the brush. • The envelope is moved into the sealer and the flap is opened slightly by the separation blade. • The flap and glue strip are drawn past the wet brush where the water moistens the glue. • The flap is pressed closed as the envelope moves through the machine and the indicia is printed. What Could Go Wrong • Water level too low. • Sponge breaks down and does not soak up water. • Brush becomes clogged with glue. • Brush does not rest properly on the sponge to draw up water. Important Maintenance • Keep fresh water in the water reservior. • Clean the Brush Assembly weekly with fresh water. • Rinse out the sponge with fresh water weekly. • Replace the brush assembly when the moistener is not moistening properly. • Replace the sponge when it begins to break down and not soak up water properly. Inserting the Sponge and Metal Grid • The sponge and metal grid are placed into the water tank of the moistener. • Water is soaked up by the sponge. Attaching The Brush • The brush attaches to the flap separator blade. • The water reservior is filled through the fill hole. • Water is drawn up by the brush from the sponge. Cleaning The brush, sponge, and grid are routine maintenance replacement parts. To Clean the Brush and Sponge: 1. Remove the moistener assembly from the moistener unit by lifting straight up. 2. Raise the brush and remove it by rotating it to the right. 3. Remove the sponge by lifting the metal grid straight up being careful not to bend the grid. 4. Remove the sponge from the metal grid. 5. Rinse the brush and sponge with fresh warm tap water. 6. Inspect the condition of the brush and sponge and replace if the brush is worn or the sponge is breaking down and not soaking up water. 7. Re-assemble the moistener assembly and insert it into the moistening unit. 8. Check operation by running an envelope through the moistener to make sure that the flap is sealed.
  • Loading Rate Changes
    Follow to link to pick your specific model:
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) & Product Safety Data Sheets (PSDS)
    Find the sheets you're looking for at the link below:
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