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The Alternative Mailing & Shipping Solutions Coronavirus COV-19 Update

As we are sure you are aware, our local counties have mandated a "Stay at Home" edict due to the COVID-19 virus continuing to spread.  The Alternative Mailing and Shipping Solutions Inc. is taking appropriate precautions to protect the well-being of our customers and employees since their safety is our primary concern. Based on the decision by the local governments, we have decided to have our employees work remotely when possible. Additionally, we have implemented a policy for frequent hand washing and workplace sanitation for our office and personnel working in the field.


Since the Postal Service is deemed an essential business, we are available to assist our customers.  Please continue to contact us for necessary service calls, supplies and equipment orders. We can remotely assist some services calls; however, if an on-site call is essential, we will service the call if requested. During the call our service team will practice proper social distancing and cleanliness. Furthermore, we are equipped to serve your sales needs virtually and are available to continue to receive and process orders.


We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to deliver the service you deserve - stay safe!

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